Who we are

The Sumaúma Institute is a formation, research and advisory center focused on the academic career development of Afro, Indigenous and peripheral people. Also, the organization executes communication and scientific dissemination projects, mainly from these social groups’ production and collective demands.

Structured as an association, the Sumaúma Institute is a non-profit organization, social-impact oriented and based on principles that interact with the Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education (04), Gender Equality (05), Decent Work and Growth of Economy (08),  Reduction of Inequalities (10), Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (16) and Partners and Means of Implementation (17). 


  • 2017: First round of conversation about the UFABC PPGCHS selection process.
  • 2018: First edition of the preparatory course Mestres Pretes.
  • 2019: Second edition of the preparatory course Mestres Pretes.
  • 2020 – 2021: Reformulation and general expansion of the preparatory course which now becomes part of the Sumaúma Institute.


Taís Oliveira (she/her) is an Afro-Brazilian peripheral woman who results from public education policies (prounista, social quota and public university student). Her formation is in Social Communication with a specialization in Public Relations (FAPCOM), and she is a Master’s and PhD candidate in the Human and Social Science area. In her research, she studies themes around the sciences, technology and society with intersections between race and gender

Oliveira has 14 years of communication experience, mainly in the plan, content, metrics and data, having worked in many sectors and segments. She has been working in the third sector for five years and is the Founder, President of the Council and Executive Director at Sumaúma Institute

Areas and Projects

The areas of activities include: 

  • Education & Research where the Preparatory Course for Graduate Selections, Scientific Communication of Resistance and Sumaúma Tech Lab projects are located;
  • Career Development with the Sumaúma Repository and Development Journeys projects;
  • And the Services area where on-demand projects are located.

Highlighted projects in 2022

The future

We would like:

  • To collaborate for more Afro, Indigenous and peripheral people to enter university at the graduate level;
  • To promote research to social impact and political discussion;
  • To improve the academic career development of Afro, Indigenous and peripheral people.

If you want to know more details about our job, we could have a meeting through these channels:

Contact us: contato@sumauma.org

Support us: https://apoia.se/sumauma 

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